The Next Evolution of
Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital Moving Billboard

The world has begun to see the vehicle exterior and top as an under utilized advertising medium in desperate need of disruption. In both the traditional taxi and ride-sharing spaces there are thousands of rooftops that could be generating millions of brand impressions, but are instead doing almost nothing! With the sophistication of today’s marketing technology, innovators will find success in digital media. TaxiTop Media’s collaboration with Uber to monetise this opportunity via various modes of Advertising in the interior and exterior of the car. Digital Taxi Top Display is TaxiTop Media’s flagship product.

Vehicle wraps work as another most cost-effective method of advertising available today in the marketing world. The cost-per-impression of this method of advertising is mind-blowing as a single branded vehicle can garnish between 30 to 80 thousand views in a single day, depending upon the routes and the area traveled. It's like a mobile billboard with ad space for which a business owner has to pay for. The vehicle is transformed into a billboard on wheels to advertise for your company 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Some of the top notch advantages of vehicle wrap over traditional advertising methods are:

Reach & Data

Car wraps gives a brand the best reach! As-per stats under every 5 min there is an Uber cab booking/drop at various prime locations in the city.


Unlike other outdoor media - Uber Wraps are better maintained as the vehicles are serviced by their owners regularly.

Appealing To The Eyes

Advertising via vehicle wraps look amazing! Moreover, people are naturally drawn to vivid colors and designs on the cabs!

Extensive Reach

Irrespective of variables, Uber cabs reach an audience that no other media can achieve. On an average, cabs in Kolkata city travel for over 200kms/day.

Economic Cost

The cost-per-impression over the life is very low. Compare the cost to Radio or TV advertising, and you will find that there's no comparison at all!


These transit billboards come in handy 24x7. Audiences usually search for anything nearby, something that keeps them entertained, such as a wrapped vehicle!

Last Longer

An average vehicle wrap usually lasts 2-3 months, that is a pretty long time for an outdoor campaign. Also, the number of potential sales garnished is more than the recurring investment on this media.


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